The field of Artificial Intelligence has been advancing with a rapid speed, and today there are absolutely no reasons for you to not pursue it as a career, isn’t it? While many people are believing the myth that AI will wipe off ‘n’ number of jobs in the future, you got to think differently as AI is going to create new and eccentric career paths which are going to be surely exciting.

According to Gartner, “AI will create more jobs than it eliminates”, that a great deal of opportunity to crack. Currently, there is a huge demand for AI professionals, and the time is just right for you to kick-start your career in AI. But how do you get started? There are online learning platforms that are making this easy for AI aspirants, here are 5 Free Certifications that can help you crack a career in AI.
Top 5 Free Online Certification In Artificial Intelligence

1. edX

edX offers an innovative online program which covers the most compelling topics in the field of Artificial Intelligence and its applications. Their AI programs from Columbia University gives a rigorous, advanced, professional, graduate-level foundation in Artificial Intelligence.
Their AI curriculum comprises of 4 programs:
1. Artificial Intelligence (AI), 2. Machine Learning, 3. Robotics, 4. Animation and CGI Motion.

All the programs are free to try and come with the option to receive a verified certificate or credential from Columbia University for an extra fee ranging from $99 - $299.

2. Udacity

Udacity is another pretty renowned online learning platform which virtually allows anyone to take up their Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Course and become an AI engineer. Get a descriptive introduction to AI and walk through the concepts of Machine learning, Robotics, Game Theory, Computer vision and Natural Language Processing.
Their AI program is structured in two terms, to complete the program the student needs to take both terms. The top courses Udacity offers in AI are,
Intro to Artificial Intelligence,
Knowledge-Based AI: Cognitive Systems by Georgia Tech. Both the courses are free and can be completed in approximately 4 months’ time.

3. Coursera

Other top-rated courses for AI comes from Coursera. They offer multi-part AI courses that take the students deep down on artificial intelligence topics. Most of their content is free, but certifications are not; some of them even come with free trials of 7 days. Few of their top top-rated courses are:
Machine Learning
Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Structuring Machine Learning Projects
Machine Learning Foundations
Deep Learning for Business

4. MIT

Developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), their Artificial Intelligence course introduces the basic knowledge representation, Problem-solving and learning methods of AI. As a part of the course, the students are required to build an AI system which reflects to resolve real-world problems employing computation-based solutions. The course also touches on important AI concepts like knowledge representation, Machine Learning, computer vision and Natural language processing. This is free of cost open courseware which can be completed in approximately 8 weeks.

5. Utubersity

NPTEL Artificial Intelligence course is channelled through Utubersity. The course involves web and video-based learning contents of Artificial Intelligence. The course covers topics like as Neural Networks, Bayesian Networks, logic and deduction etc.

Final Word

The current advancements in AI make clear one thing, i.e. “The future of AI is truly promising”. And there is no better time to get into this field than NOW. Power your knowledge in AI by taking the above listed free courses. Don’t wait, just jump in ….. who knows in future you could build up the most advanced AI system in the world.