Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the most advanced form of technology today. Although we have been fascinated by this concept in sci-fi movies since we were kids, this fictionalized technology has become a reality today. The innovative ‘neural networks’ used by scientists, copy the functions of actual neurons which are found in the human brain, giving it immense analyzing and decision-making capabilities.
Although much of this impressive technology is considered to be in its initial stages, we can soon expect highly advanced and sophisticated artificial intelligence future soon.
Elon Musk, one of the most popular tech experts and billionaire visionaries in the world, is, however, sounding alarm bells relating to the fast pace at which AI is growing today.

Why is Elon Musk Anxious About Future of AI?

Elon Musk recently tweeted that unbridled growth in the future of AI is set to be ‘more dangerous than North Korea.’ This is one of the many times that the billionaire entrepreneur has warned regarding this advanced technology. He has been saying similar things for quite some time now, so is it finally the time to pay closer attention to his words!
Let’s find out more about the future of AI and its impact on human civilization as a whole:

Future of AI is Alarming, Thinks Elon Musk

Elon Musk reiterates several points which, according to him, indicate towards the possibility of a bleak future for humans.

1. AI is highly likely to destroy humans

We tend to think that the escalating tensions between nuclear powers of the world are the biggest and most urgent threat to humanity. However, Musk reveals that the faster and more extensive integration of AI technology in warfare, and even politics, is a bigger threat to the world.
When applied in warfare, artificial intelligence could give rise to the use of automated and armed robots, which will be able to track and target people based on facial recognition technique, which is being refined, as you read this. This certainly sounds like the apocalyptic scenario presented in the numerous ‘Terminator’ movies. These armed robots could continue killing until they run out of ammunition or targets.
Artificial intelligence, with all its advanced features which mimic humans, is bereft of emotional concepts, such as conscience, remorse, mercy or even social awareness.

2. AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization

AI today, inevitably, controls many of the choices we make while shopping online or even using social media platforms. Advanced algorithms determine the type and extent of content we see in our regular ‘News Feed’ and even strongly suggest our own dating preferences.
Today, your insurance premiums are set using AI algorithms, as well as allowing or denying loans to prospective customers. Currently, numerous companies all over the world are steadily relying on AI to screen job applicants even before calling them for an interview.
The future of AI will have complete and comprehensive control over numerous aspects of human lives, which can have adverse consequences for the entire human civilization. We could be on a path which will see us relying extensively on, if not completely, the decisions made by the AI technology.

3. Artificial Intelligence fight could lead to World War III

As mentioned already, advanced AI technology is being increasingly integrated into war. Apart from being used on the battlefield in drones and other war machines, the artificial intelligence technology is also replacing many intelligence components.
Although AI has an extensive level and proficiency in analyzing situations to come to a result/action, the lack of certain human qualities is certainly frightening. A miscalculation being used in the intelligence gathering function by an AI system could lead to a possible escalation of the worldwide conflict, leading to World War III.

4. AI is a greater risk than North Korea

North Korea, with its recent success with nuclear-headed ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile), is becoming one of the biggest concerns for the international community. A nuclear attack could kill from several thousand to millions of people at a time.
However, the threat of AI becoming rogue is frighteningly more intense. With this technology being integrated into our daily lives at a steady pace, only time will show what kind of damage we may experience from a malfunctioning AI system which controls the launch of nuclear missiles in other advanced countries. This is certainly more dangerous than the threat posed by North Korea.

5. Governments will force companies to turn over AI tech at gunpoint

As the power and extent of the reach of AI technology increased with time, there will be sufficient reasons for governments to get worried. The immense capabilities of this technology are likely to make the authorities paranoid about the misuse of this technology.
It could come down to a situation where the governments will have to force private companies into handing over seemingly threatening AI technology.

6. AI will be the best or worst thing ever for humanity

AI, if used with stringent norms and regulations, can certainly be immensely efficient. However, as it has been seen with earlier technologies, there is always a risk of technology being used for destructive purposes - nuclear power is a perfect example of this paradox.
Overall, the potential threats posed by the future of AI seem to overcome the benefits that this technology may render us.

Is Elon Musk Right About His Warnings?

Up to a significant level, Elon Musk seems to be right in his warnings about the unregulated use of AI in the future. The risk of AI overtaking human civilization cannot be ruled out, no matter how fantastic it may seem.

Final Thoughts

Elon Musk seems to make an interesting and valid point when he warns about the extensive use of artificial intelligence technology in the future. Maybe, it would not be a sudden takeover by the machines, but this could take place in a piece-by-piece manner, with AI being integrated increasingly into different technologies and aspects of human lives.