Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no science fiction. You might not have realized, but you are already using AI in different ways in your life. From chat bots that show up on your browser screens when you open up certain websites to intelligent resume selection bots, the use of AI is growing every year. Though the implications are pretty benign, still there is much to look forward to. For instance, if you take into account Sophia, the first robot to attain world citizenship – the race towards AI has already started. We don’t want to run into a terrible Judgment Day when robots take over the earth from the human race, but it’s something that can be a future.
If you have installed a smart AC in your home that controls the temperature depending on the time of the day, the presence of humans in the room, you are already using AI. Robots are being used to do deep sea submarine repairs, replace surgeries and make treatment more non-invasive and similar things. Using Big Data and analytics, businesses are better equipped with actionable data insights and at the core of it are technologies like AI and machine learning.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Our Everyday Lives

Voice Assistants (SIRI, CORTONA, ALEXA and more): If you are a user of Windows 10 or iOS 5 and onwards, you already have an idea of how AI gathers your behavioral data and likes to show the most relevant suggestions. Take into account that you are speaking to a computer and it is responding with an appropriate reply! That’s AI.

Shopping Recommendations (Online Websites): If you are coming back to a shopping platform, say eBay for the second time, you would be shown your past browsing history, recommended products based on what other people search and similar things. The filters here are based on your age, time of the year, browsing history, the things you liked in the past and the things that your friends are checking out. It’s all an algorithm that makes your life easier and gives more opportunity of a sale to the shopping platform!

Facebook (Image Recognition): It might have been a usual thing to upload a picture on Facebook and tag people on it based on suggestions. Have you ever been curious about how the technology works? Facebook’s face recognition system is top notch AI wherein it recognizes, stores and suggests facial tags to make your experience easier.

Netflix: Again, there have been times when the recommended shows for you on Netflix also become to be your favorite. How does it work! Again, Netflix’s AI delves into your past browsing history, filters the shows your friends like, filters shows according to your age, filters shows according to the categories you mostly search for and similar filters. If you have been checking out fantasy based shows, you would be recommended Marvel TV shows than something like “How I Met Your Mother”!

Gaming: AI and Virtual Reality have really been transforming the world of gaming. You can now be more being a part of the gaming environment than you had ever been able to. A perfect example is Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor or Alien: Isolation. Games now respond to your individual stimuli and will make the challenges more difficult and exciting!

Fraud Detection: AI has been a huge step for financial giants trying to come up with more secure solutions. Authentication is beyond passwords today. Biometrics, retina scans and voice recognition is making it harder for fraudulent.

Health (better diagnosis, preventing heart attacks, and spotting cancer and eye diseases): Artificial Intelligence can potentially save a life today. AI robots scan medical data for faster diagnosis and predictions to conditions that can be fatal. Big Data and analytics are being used to cross reference millions of medical data and come up with a more precise solution.

So what’s next?

You Smartphone have become a lie changer. It helps you find direction, find the best restaurants in the neighborhood, book tickets instantly, make financial transaction, find a date, track constellations and much more. There are literally few things a smart phone will not be able to do today. When you speak into Google voice assistance, or ask Siri for the nearest petrol pump, it’s AI that’s making your day more productive and efficient.
In the recent future, Ai will become more prevalent in our daily lives. Food delivery using drones, self driving cars for transporting cargoes, smart surveillance are not a thing of the distant future.
Smart applications and robots will become more invasive in your near future. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we end up building something like Skynet! AI will save lives, AI will make help us save money, Ai will help us better use our resources and make the world a better place.