Many recent technology forecasts including the recent one from Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, predict that Artificial intelligence (AI) will be the top disruptive technology of the next decade like smart phones of this decade. Given this, the focus on AI in computer science education is becoming very important.

AI has been maturing as technology rapidly and we already see early signs of disruptions happening in industries like Banking, Travel, manufacturing, healthcare and education.

AI Initiatives at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering students have started on their AI journey through engineering smart applications that have social impact. Students have been able to pick up the required theory and programming skills as required with guidance from faculty . Over the last two years, we have designed many interesting projects on AI and Machine Learning techniques, developed as final year projects by the students.

Students have implemented projects like sensor controlled smart homes, automatic garbage segregation, action recognition and emotion detection in videos , gaze controlled wheelchair, thought controlled gaming interfaces etc. to name a few. They have used frameworks like Caffe, Tensorflow, Torch, Darknet, NLP toolkit and programming languages like Java and Python.

Students Skill Development in AI & Machine Learning

A team of students even developed a drone that could navigate itself in a building and count people inside. They had ideas to use this in rescuing people stranded in a building under fire. We also have research oriented faculty members interested in applying Machine Learning techniques to key problems like character recognition, video and text processing. Our students have also successfully participated in many hackathons.

One of our student teams developed a Machine Learning based solution for sign language interpretation and secured the third prize in "Smart India Hackathon" competition. Another student team participated in an international competition and qualified for the finals in UK.

We have recently formed a students club Airobotics to provide a platform to the students interested in AI & Robotics to work together, learn and create novel and useful applications. We plan to bring in experts in this field. We have also introduced a basic course in AI, for our undergraduate students in their fifth semester and we will be including relevant courses like Data mining and Machine Learning, Cloud and Big Data analytics in their final year.

Overall, I believe the undergraduate and post graduate Computer Science curriculum needs to make the required changes to prepare students for their careers in a world where AI and Machine Learning will be all pervasive. And it's an honour to lead the much-needed AI initiatives at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.

Editor's Note:
It is inspiring to get to know about the "curriculum change" in an Engineering institution that prepares students to face the professional world in the most appropriate manner. If you know of any other such college, please let us know. We'd be glad to feature you. Thank you.

Krishnan Rangarajan

Dr. Krishnan Rangarajan is currently a Professor in Computer Science & Engineering in Dayananda Sagar College Of Engineering, Bangalore, where he leads a number of projects in Computer Vision and AI.