1. Mysterious Voynich Manuscript Decoded By Artificial Intelligence

Mysterious book discovered in the 19th century is finally decoded by using artificial intelligence. Since its discovery, many historians and cryptographers attempted to unravel its meaning but none were successful. The book was filled with 'UFO prophecy' from the 1400s, according to algorithms employed by Canadian researchers, the text in the manuscript appears to be written in Hebrew with letters rearranged.

2. Microsoft Introduces AI To Enhance Translation for Hindi, Tamil and Bengali

Microsoft announces their plans to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Neural Networks to advance real-time language translation for Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali. The tech giant says, with Deep Neural Networks-powered language translation, the outcomes would be more accurate and would sound more natural.

3. Facebook AI Team Teaches Bots To Chit-Chat Like Humans

Facebook's AI Research team (FAIR) is coaching chatbots how to dialogue more like humans and involve in 'small talks'. This would ensure livelier human-machine conversations. The team used a distinct 164,000-utterance dataset titled "Persona-Chat" to teach its AI to look for patterns.

4. Blind Facebook Worker Develops AI Tech For Visually Impaired

A blind Facebook engineer, Matt King, is working on a technology that will use AI to verbalise content of an image or video and empower the sightless to “see” and determine suitable content for people and advertisers. This technology could be used to spot images and videos that violate Facebook’s terms of use.

5. Paris Is Gaining Ground As A European Hub For Artificial Intelligence Research

Paris could become the European hub for artificial intelligence research and development as Alphabet Inc’s Google and Facebook Inc pledge to hire staff and invest in research labs, following a meeting between the tech giant's bosses and French President Emmanuel Macron.