1. LG’s Latest OLED and Super UHD TVs Come With ThinQ AI

LG has announced that it will be showing off its new OLED and Super UHD TVs at CES. The company revealed that these new TVs will come with an advanced image processor and also ThinQ which is a new built-in artificial intelligence.

2. Engineer creates new religion to 'raise' and worship Artificial Intelligence God

Anthony Levandowski, a Silicon Valley engineer, has established a church devoted to worshipping an AI construct.
He intends to gather people together who are interested in creating AI that can surpass humans’ intellectual flexibility and cognitive skill.
In an interview, Mr Levandowski said: "I wanted a way for everybody to participate in this, to be able to shape it. If you're not a software engineer, you can still help.
"It also removes the ability for people to say, ‘Oh, he's just doing this to make money.’”

3. Google Develops Tacotron 2, Human-Like Text-to-Speech AI

In a major step towards its "AI first" dream, Google has developed a text-to-speech artificial intelligence (AI) system that will confuse you with its human-like articulation. The tech giant's text-to-speech system called "Tacotron 2" delivers an AI-generated computer speech that almost matches with the voice of humans, technology news website Inc.com reported.

4. Walmart CIO's Priorities: Productizing IT And Process Automation With AI

Now that he has a year under his belt, he sees his big priorities for the year ahead as developing a product model for IT to facilitate end-to-end ownership of different product areas created, as well as process automation, facilitated at least in part through artificial intelligence. He discusses all of the above and more in this far-ranging interview.

5. Startup Of The Week: A.I. RESUME

Resumes are from the 1900's. A.I. RESUME is a 21st-century resume leveraging data, analytics, a.i. and modern technologies for a more effective job search and application process.