AI Reaches Octagon: UFC 219 to Feature AI-Powered Gloves

Artificial Intelligence is apparently making its way to the Octagon now. Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has recently approved a proposal from the UFC wherein the UFC fighters will use AI-powered gloves to reveal more statistics in relation to the fighters inside the ring. Created in partnership, by consumer platform company HEED and analytics company AGT International, the AI-powered gloves are aimed to collect real-time data from the fighters, which will later be used for analytics. For now, the NSAC has approved the test run for the gloves and find out ways in which the collected data can be beneficial.

Artificial intelligence, NASA data used to Discover Eighth Planet Circling Distant Star

Our solar system now is tied for most number of planets around a single star, with the recent discovery of an eighth planet circling Kepler-90, a Sun-like star 2,545 light years from Earth. The planet was discovered in data from NASA's Kepler Space Telescope.

The newly-discovered Kepler-90i -- a sizzling hot, rocky planet that orbits its star once every 14.4 days -- was found using machine learning from Google. Machine learning is an approach to artificial intelligence in which computers "learn." In this case, computers learned to identify planets by finding in Kepler data instances where the telescope recorded changes in starlight caused by planets beyond our solar system, known as exoplanets.

Robot Investigators 'could be used to examine documents in criminal cases'

Robot investigators could be widely used in future to examine documents in complex cases, the head of the Serious Fraud Office(SFO) has suggested.
David Green said he would like to see the possibility of employing artificial intelligence "carefully examined" after using technology to sift through a cache of 30 million documents disclosed by Rolls-Royce during a major investigation.

Facebook Improves How Blind Can See Images Using AI

The facial recognition technology, which uses artificially intelligent algorithms, doesn’t appear to have changed much since Facebook began using it in 2010 to suggest the identities of people in photos. But after incorporating feedback from billions of user interactions, Facebook felt confident enough to push its use into new territory.

Intel Survey Finds Nearly 70 Percent of Indian Firms May Deploy AI by 2020

As firms' appetite for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) grows, a report on Thursday said 68.6 percent Indian organisations might deploy it before 2020.
The Intel India commissioned report, undertaken by the International Data Corporation (IDC) that surveyed 194 Indian organisations across sectors, said 71 percent are looking at increased process automation as a key benefit which could drive spike spends on this technology by 2020.