Will United States Lose The AI Race To China?

China already laid down its plans to become the world leader in Artificial Intelligence by 2025. The country is going to use AI for both commercial and military objectives, with all sorts of implications. By far, China isn’t leading in AI Technology, but they aren’t far behind. The United States national security and tech communities need to push up and adjust to this new reality.

Founder Of Dell Technologies, Expects Technology To Bring "Tremendously Positive Outcomes For Humans."

Unlike other tech execs and observers who think artificial intelligence could lead to massive job losses, widespread social disturbance, and potentially even cause a World War III, Michael Dell (Founder, CEO at Dell Technologies) has a difference of opinion. Dell expects that in over 30 years, technology, in general, will produce “tremendously positive outcomes for humans”. Read more here.

One More Step Towards AI – Amazon Introduces New Machine Learning Features For Its AWS Cloud Computing Business

Amazon.com Inc announced a new set of machine learning features for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing business. The new features would enable the AWS customers to build and quickly train machine learning algorithms. These new offerings could make implementing the AI technology more easy and affordable for the enterprises, which also means Amazon could possibly lead the way in AI leaving other tech-giants behind.

Bengaluru Start-Up Solves Global Challenge

DataVal Analytics Inc, a Bangalore-based Artificial Intelligence startup, is the first company in the world to successfully complete (20) QA bAbi Tasks created by Facebook in 2015. This 20-part AI challenge assesses the ability of AI-Based programs to perform text reasoning and understanding. DataVal completed the test with 100 percent accuracy using a unique approach. Read their success story here.

Now AI Can Create Its Own “Black Metal Album”

The Coditany of Timeness is a black metal album which was created by Artificial Intelligence. This album was a result of a project done by Zack Zukowski and CJ Carr. The album has five tracks but each and every track and their notes were created by AI algorithms. Here’s how AI got creative this time…