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Improved civil infrastructure and roadways have enabled the Indian automotive market to be boosted continuously. Apart from a few instances, the Indian automobile market, especially the two-wheeler market, has witnessed a spurt in sales in the past few years. According to reports from Statista, the Indian two-wheeler industry reported sales of well over 17.5 million units in 2016-2017.

However, with the increasing population and rising demand for automobiles and two-wheeler vehicles, the pollution levels in India are also increasing at perilous rates. There is an immense need for automobile users to switch to cleaner and more efficient fuel sources, to reduce pollution and help lessen the air pollution levels in the country.

The central government in India has already initiated several resolutions which aim to integrate increasing numbers of electric-powered vehicles in the public sector. The 2nd phase of the FAME India Scheme has seen the government committing to acquiring a fully electric-powered fleet of public buses, taxis, and auto-rickshaws. This is an important step towards conservation of the environment and keeping it habitable for the coming generations.

Twenty-Two Motors, an Indian startup, launched the FLOW smart electric scooter in India too much fanfare. It was unveiled at the Auto Expo 2018, in Greater Noida/New Delhi. The new smart scooter boasts of AI and cloud capabilities and has some of the most unique, innovative and never-seen-before features integrated into it.

7 Interesting Facts About This Smart Electric Scooter – FLOW

These are the 7 aspects of Twenty Two Motors’ FLOW smart electric scooter which makes for an ideal choice for automobile enthusiasts and commuters alike:

1. Makers

Twenty Two Motors Private Limited is an innovative Indian start-up with a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs at its helm. The FLOW smart electric scooter is the company’s flagship two-wheeler model and was launched amidst exciting rumors in the Indian automotive market.

The company consists of expert engineers, excellent designers and highly-trained technicians who have contributed immensely to make this amazing idea of a smart
electric moped into reality. The company is focused on developing and integrating, artificial intelligence, Li-Ion storage capabilities, IoT (Internet of Things) and innovative Electric Powertrains, to produce some of the best and most feasible electric vehicles in the market.

2. Cloud and AI-Enablement

The FLOW smart electric scooter comes integrated with advanced cloud capabilities and innovative artificial intelligence system. The AI system allows the rider to stay updated with the dynamics of the vehicle at all times, using a simple smartphone app. You can easily connect your Android/iOS-powered smartphones with the onboard computer efficiently through Bluetooth technology. It offers an excellent means of navigation through crowded city streets and gets you to your destination in the shortest possible time. The cloud system is an excellent way to monitor the performance of the smart vehicle remotely, from miles away, using only your smartphone.

The artificial intelligence system integrated into this smart electric vehicle also provides ‘Drag Mode’ and ‘Cruise Control’ capabilities, too.

3. In-Built Geo-Fencing System

The FLOW electric scooter has an onboard computer which has an advanced GPS integrated into it. It comes equipped with a remote geo-fencing program, which allows the rider to mark the ‘safe area’ and ensure safe riding at all times.

4. Built & Structure

The FLOW smart vehicle is designed in a sleek and minimalist manner. It has a powerful round LED headlamp, with bright indicators. The lack of a conventional engine makes it a significantly lightweight vehicle, weighing in at just around 85 kg. The scooter has telescopic front shock absorbers with electronic disc brake systems.
It has a boot space of an impressive 24 liters and can efficiently store two helmets simultaneously.

5. Battery & Charging

The FLOW electric scooter is being offered in two variants – single-battery and dual-battery powertrains. The single-battery is said to give an excellent mileage of around 80 km, while the dual-battery is set to give a range which is twice that of the single-battery variant. The batteries are connected to powerful DC motor which gives an impressive torque of around 90 Nm and a top speed of 60 km/hr.

The single-battery variant is set to take around 4-5 hours to charge fully, while the dual-battery variant is set to take significantly longer but will provide an extended range to the vehicle.

6. Launch

Twenty-Two Motors has already started taking pre-orders for the FLOW smart electric vehicle from 8 February 2018 and plans to manufacture around 50,000 units every year from now.

7. Price

The FLOW smart electric vehicle from Twenty Two Motors is priced at around INR 74,740, which is only slightly over the budget for a normal moped consumer.

Final Thoughts

The Twenty Two Motors’ FLOW electric scooter is set to give an impetus to clean riding in India. With increasing pollution and still-rising demand for vehicles in the country, the FLOW is expected to revolutionize the Indian two-wheeler market soon.