Artificial Intelligence (AI in short) isn’t a new concept, it came into existence in 1956. But then it was more of an aspiration, today AI is a reality, and it took decades of work to make momentous progress toward developing this AI ecosystem and making it technologically real.

Today AI, machine learning, robotics and task automation are common, especially in the business world, and these together with other AI technologies are going to multiply even further. Having said that many companies across the world are making significant investments in AI technologies to deliver superior customer services, complete task efficiently and make things easier. Below are seven heavy-hitters who are leveraging the AI system.

Artificial Intelligence Business Applications – 7 Brands Who Already Implemented It

1. Google

In the last 2 decades, Google has rebranded itself as an “AI-First” company. Their emphasis on AI is pretty evident in their products. Google has been using AI for their algorithms to enhance their users experience by providing more accurate search results. Apart from that, they are also using the technology for the self-driving cars which could analyse and make decisions in advance by learning from past experiences. Apple’s Siri is another excellent example to quote, Google uses AI to power this personal assistant. Google suggests and its rapid replies to emails, Google Photos and its momentous creativity in form of animations and memories, and lastly YouTube and its video recommendations is another excellent example of Google going big with AI.

2. Facebook

Facebook has displayed a steady commitment towards integrating AI across its services to improve and empower superior customer engagements. Facebook has an AI-powered personal assistant, M, and facial recognition (DeepFace) features which can sort, recognize, and tag people. M, which is offered within the Facebook Messenger, can perform a number of interesting task like booking flights and contesting cable bills and even draw amateur-looking sketches. Deep neural networks allow Facebook to decide which adverts are shown to which users. Facebook is also using AI to address one of the darkest challenges, i.e. stop suicide broadcast, the company will be using pattern recognition to scan post and comments for specific phrases on whether someone needs help.

3. Amazon

Amazon has raised the sense of opportunities for AI in the everyday consumers’ lives. The company has created Alexa which is a total game-changer in consumer-electronics category. Amazon's Echo is equipped with Alexa, which an AI-powered virtual assistant. Alexa can recognize and answer questions, read audiobooks, read news, read the weather forecast, play music, and of course order Amazon products. Alexa is getting smarter and smarter each day and with millions of Echos in flow, this product is surely making a bang in the consumer-facing AI products world.

4. Baidu (BIDU)

This Chinese Internet giant, is betting really big on artificial intelligence. Most of Baidu’s work in the field of Machine Learning and AI is coordinated by Baidu Research. The company has invested hugely in research and development across every arm of AI, like healthcare, automated personal assistants, and autonomous cars. The company is also developing technology to robotically caption videos, spot objects in a picture, and, even answer natural language queries.

5. Disney

Disney, is also using AI to better understand its moviegoing audiences so that their upcoming movie lines can continue to please the crowd and gain big bucks. Disney plans to do this through AI and facial recognition technology. With deep learning techniques, Disney can track facial expressions of the audiences watching a movie to measure emotional reactions. They are also using AI to establish product SKUs, training artificial neural networks, computing systems modelled after animal brains, to mimic human brains and identify what makes a story interesting. They also used data from Quora to train the neural networks to understand what makes some stories more popular than others.

6. IBM

One of the most well-known names in AI is IBM’s Watson. Watson is a question answering computer system who can answer questions posed in natural language. This computer system contested on Jeopardy! against two of the best players of all time, i.e. Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings and won the first-place prize. Watson is capable of reading 40 million documents in just 15 seconds, understand grammar and context, and then answer questions on that material. It’s an excellent machine that can help businesses analyse enormous amounts of data, spot problem areas, find solutions and spot opportunities.

7. Apple

Siri, Apple's virtual assistant software is already capable of doing a lot and its getting smarter each day. Siri can text, tweet on command, make reservations, set an alarm or timer, calculate one's caloric intake, and, soon it would even call an Uber. It is also rumoured that the company is working on its own secret electric vehicle. Few of the modest AI is already on the iPhone, i.e. Apple's flagship product, like Facial recognition on photos and suggested responses to messages. But surely there is a lot going on behind the scenes, let’s wait until Apple unveils it.

AI Is Pushing Companies to The Right Direction
Artificial intelligence is already pushing businesses in the right direction enabling them to create exceptional user experiences. One thing is sure, direct or indirect AI applications for businesses will continue to proliferate and this journey is surely going to be exciting.