Take up any newspaper or social media channel today and there is this one thing that you can’t escape away from noticing, i.e. the enormous amount of discussion around artificial intelligence (AI). There is no doubt to the fact that Artificial Intelligence technology today is one of the most talked about technologies of our time. But is this field overpromising? What is the reality behind all the hype? Let’s find out AI’s practicality today and its potential for the future.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Today – Hype Or Reality

The field of AI has seen significant advancements and there is no doubt on that, but what we have witnessed is only a start on the path to what could actually be considered as complete AI. We can say - within all the hype actually lies loads of unrealised opportunities.

For The Enterprises It Means…

Presently, the real-world applications of AI look more inclined towards the major tech giants like Apple (Siri), Netflix (recommendation algorithms), and Google (machine learning-powered search bar). When it comes to today’s enterprises, the application of AI algorithms has been much more limited. Conventionally, AI’s usefulness for the enterprise was restrained by time constraint, data quantities, expensive data scientists and costly infrastructure.
One of the most popular applications of AI in enterprises is – The Chatbots. Yes, they are there, but they are not the definition of AI in enterprises, there are many more applications for AI in enterprises. AI is creating exceptional opportunities for the enterprises which could totally transform their business operations, but the key to success lies in smooth collaboration, but it’s not plug and play technology.
Unlike all other enterprise software’s, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is not a plug-and-play technology. Instead, this technology needs to be customized for the intricate networks of people, processes, and tools which outline today’s enterprise environments. In simple words, the actual use cases for AI in transformative roles impacting enterprise value are limited due to more modern concerns.

There Is More Data In The World Than Ever Before…

The last 5 years have surely seen a proper AI revolution, talking about AI teamed with Big Data. One of the principal usages for AI is in assisting enterprises with the enormous amounts of data they are accounting for. By leveraging huge amounts of data, machine learning algorithms rapidly recognize patterns and learn how to perform specific sets of tasks in the most specific and accurate manner. This surely marks the dramatic departure of conventional analytics, because machine learning allows them to use data to its full potential. AI has empowered enterprises to transform insights into action as a perfect alternative to processing reams of data to draw insights.
Digital ad targeting is one of the most lucrative applications of AI for enterprises. On the consumer’s side, they are benefiting from improved search results, better recommendations (on Google, YouTube, and Spotify) better traffic predictions, voice assistants and instant translations. These advances have totally exiled our expectations about what machines can and cannot do, isn’t it?
On the other hand, today people and organisations are deeply concerned about security/hacking. Malicious hacking activities occur almost every day and in all this potential scale of AI’s reach in both IoT applications and consumer makes security a matter of concern.

The Way Ahead For Machine Learning…

In the next ten years, the use Machine-learning based AI is likely to fall into two categories:

  • Enhancement and automation of daily life

  • Exploration and development of new trends and insights

Will Machines Will Soon Surpass Their Creators?

What does the advent of highly sophisticated AI and machine learning technologies indicate? Will they soon surpass their creators? Well, they might be surpassing the humans in reliability and accuracy, but we cannot ignore the fact that these systems learn from data – these systems are only as good as the person designing it.

Future Promise

Discussions about artificial intelligence tend to go in one of two directions – one it will surpass humans and bring in an epoch of rampaging-robot, or it will make the world a much better place? As of now, we are a long way from realizing the real potential artificial intelligence and there is no clear path to that goal right now.