AI has become quite pervasive in our lives, and many companies have already started using Artificial Intelligence in some way or the other. While a majority of organizations has not fully adopted AI, and are still seeking ways for large scale adoption, there are some global companies which have already started leveraging AI as the key utility to boost their business, reach and customers.

AI Adoption Still Invisible In Many Aspects

We have already seen the AI enabled services offered by various companies, but, not aware of the fact the technology behind these services is artificial intelligence. The features like e-commerce listings and recommendations, notifications, social media alerts and the custom search engine results, all are possible with the Artificial Intelligence.

Apart from these companies that are leveraging the AI based tools in some aspects of their business, there are many enterprises which have gone ahead with AI adoption. The most prominent names among these organizations are Coca Cola and Microsoft.

AI To Assist The Blind and Save Environment

Microsoft is planning to venture into profound AI research, so that they can leverage the technology to solve the environmental issues and assist the blind people.

MSR AI (Microsoft Research AI), the new incubation hub formed by Microsoft to focus on the challenges often encountered by companies while implementing the AI, will accentuate on the theoretical applications of the AI.

Microsoft is also working on developing an iOS app that leverages the principles of AI-powered vision recognition to aid the blind people and the citizens with low vision to comprehend the content in the images.

Ethical Design Guide for AI Product Development

In order to ensure that the MSR AI team is working in the right direction and the developments are inclusive and accessible to everyone, Microsoft also revealed that it's working on the creation of an Ethical Design Guide for AI product development which will be based on the Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella's "10 Principles for AI Development".

Coca Cola To Launch A New AI Based Vending Machine App

Similary, The Coca Cola company is also planning to use artificial intelligence for developing a vending machine app which will be launched in the Australia, New Zealand and USA based universities.

In the recent MobileBeat 2017 event held in San Francisco, the Coca Cola spokesperson talked about an app that will allow the users to order a coca cola drink for themselves and a friend. Once the drink is ordered, it will be made available on the vending machine.

The Coca Cola's Global Director of Digital Innovation, Greg Chambers said that with this app they are planning to make the process of acquiring the coca cola as fun filled and exciting, as enjoying the drink.

This app would be one of the ways to push the brand and the boundaries forward. Coca Cola wants to create intelligent and unique experiences for its customers, and it will help them to augment the brand loyalty among its customers.

Chambers also emphasized on the fact that the AI powered bots help the brand reach new customer and expand the reach on the preferred channels, while enabling a two-way personalized communication. These bots will be fun-oriented and customers would love the new experience with the vending machines, which up till now couldn't serve two drinks.


And they did it. Coca-Cola revealed AI-powered vending machine App. Details of the launch published by VentureBeat

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