1. AI is designed to cure efficiency. What are the products/ service solutions that you provide to cater and fulfil this need?

All of Artivatic's services and products are designed to improve efficiency and optimise resource use. In particular, our DataQuartz technology pulls all the information about a particular user from all the online sources available, AVAcross technology which assesses a person's attributes and qualities and fills in the missing dots based on information about other users who have the same attributes and our NLP programme analyses paper documents and can retrieve important information, find particular data fields and verify information about users.

Artivatic AI is a human-brain like platform with AI suit of tools which is end to end. We have eight AI products, around twenty AI tools and unique Automated Decision-making solutions in the domain of BFSI, Robotics, Fraud, Underwriting etc.

2.Where do you stand in competition in your market space and what plans do you have to make competition irrelevant?

IBM Watson is our competition. It is cost heavy, complex to implement and time demanding. Artivatic's AI platform is flexible, intelligent and ready to be used or deployed.

3. Detail out some of your most remarkable milestones that the organization has achieved.

We are new generation start-up making B2B AI process decision-making solutions. We are focusing on quality and precision of our product, delivery and services.
Thus, we have very strict benchmarks set internally to qualify a solution with lots of factual appeals into it.

  • Making Artivatic highly accurate and offering global benchmark
  • Setting new standards in defined domains BFSI & Robotics in India, Japan and South Korea.
  • Creating strong solutions with a 360 degrees approach in Automated decision making in Underwriting, Claims processing, Anomaly Detection areas.

4. What’s most exciting about your traction to date?

The trust ushered to Artivatic from diverse geographies only for it's sheer AI expertise and quality has been a humbling experience for us so far. Our partners in BFSI and Robotics domain are multi-folding their efficiency with multiplied accuracy and speed and that gives inspiration to the team to deliver even better.

5. How will AI disrupt the current industry landscape that you are operating in?

AI will automate many of the repetitive, mundane jobs in the BFSI industry (such as call centres replaced by chatbots, claims underwriting and fraud detection) - which would cause a decline in the number of human employees. Aside from this most obvious disruption, automation will also change many of the workflows and how companies in particular industries work - for example, in insurance, there will be a shift in the concept of Premium Pooling since AI will be able to recommend personalised insurance policies for each user/buyer based on their particulars and information provided.

6. AI in its current form is not a form of consciousness (it does not have the mental flexibility and common sense essential for human decision making) but rather a form of soft intelligence. Give your views on the future of AI and where do you see yourself with its future advances?

Artificial intelligence in its current state is not a form of consciousness, nor does it have the potential to become a free-willed being with agency. This image had often been projected by writers and movies - when the concept was still very new - and is still largely misunderstood for this reason. The future of AI is in human-centric design. A lot of code which has been written by programmers is available for free, to be used by anyone but with the forewarning that it must be made for the benefit of humanity, not against.

Artificial Intelligence was created to make human life easier and in the future, we will see most of our devices, operations and day-to-day activities such as food preparation and driving will be programmed by AI. Artivatic's mission is to be at the forefront of this technology - empowering businesses, companies and individuals with the benefits and efficiency offered by AI.

CEO - Layak Singh (in Cover Image)