Modern robotics has come a long way from being just a fiction to reality straight out of a Hollywood movie set. Coming to humanoid robots, what are they? Well, in simple words, these are robots whose overall appearance is based on humans. Yes, they more or less look like us, talk like us, walk like us and the most interesting thing they express a wide range of emotions just like us. It doesn’t end there, today humanoid robots are also capable of holding conversations and remember the last interaction they had with a person.
Interesting isn’t it? I wonder that day is not far when we see robots in the mainstream or even as our equals. Having said that, let’s take a look at these amazing humanoid robots who are already making the world inquisitive.
Humanoid Robot – Check Out 5 Most Real Ones

1. Sofia

She is one of the most recently introduced robots developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. Sofia is by far the most prominent life-like humanoid robot to be introduced in public. She can express a huge number of dissimilar emotions through her human-like facial features and can also gesture with full-sized arms and hands. Another most interesting fact about Sofia is that she is the first ever robot to be declared a citizen by Saudi Arabia. See her for real:

2. Asuna

Asuna looks like one 15-year old Japanese cutie-pie, her realistic physical appearance and mannerism are totally out of the world. Currently, Asuna’s movements are limited to eye-blinking, yawning and a few other appealing expressions, which are controlled completely by a remote human operator. According to A-Lab, the makers of Asuna, the true charm behind her lies in her movements, check it out.

3. Jia Jia

Jia Jia is the invention of Chen Xiaoping and his colleagues at the University of Science and Technology of China. Jia Jia is an amazing robot who is also very popular as “robot goddess” mostly for her charming personality. She can speak, display micro-expressions, move her lips and body, and hold her head in a submissive manner. Jia Jia’s brain is essentially a huge database, which is connected to a cloud computing platform which allows her to augment her ability to process speech and emotions as new data is ported in.

4. Erica

To her father Hiroshi Ishiguro, she is the most beautiful human-like robot present on the planet, who even has a soul. She is just not one pretty face, she can crave human interaction and even crack jokes. Erica can spot where the sound is coming from, she knows who she is talking to and can track folks walking around her. She looks really real, her silicone skin and life-like facial movements will surely take you by surprise.

5. Actroid

This humanoid robot is the creation of a Japanese firm Kokoro, Actroid has a very strong human-like resemblance, she can mimic sounds and other humble human functions, like speaking, blinking, and has an appearance of breathing in its chest. With motion parameterization, Actroid can make different gestures adapted to the location of the speaker, this makes the person feel like the robot is paying attention to him/her.

Taken together
With the incredible advancements made towards humanoids and their use for many necessary industrial, medical and therapeutic purposes, we might still have to wait a few years to have our own humanoid butler.