We have read and seen so many stories where Machines take over Humans. I believe it is going to happen because Artificial Intelligence will make Robots so beautiful, so understanding, so emotional, i.e. so perfect that no human would want to get into a relationship with another human again.

Sex has driven so many human concepts from founding of cities to spread of Internet and Smartphones that something as revolutionary as AI is bound to have a big relation with it. Entrepreneurs have already started their work and SexTech is on the rise.

According to a report by Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR), there are robot dolls available now that can perform up to “50 automated sexual positions”. These dolls can be customised for each of their physical traits from height and weight to colour of their pubic hair. But what makes them much more potent than the blow-up dolls are neither these customizations nor the “warm to touch” silicone bodies. It is the AI running in the circuits underneath the warm skin.

The FRR report further mentions how Android love dolls have “advanced Artificial Intelligence software for communication” and RealBotix allows for customisation of the AI by choosing “traits and emotions you find appealing” including high or low levels of happiness, shyness, humour, etc. Roxxxy Gold comes with pre-programmed personalities including “Frigid Farrah” that gives the impression of reserved shyness and “Wild Wendy” with a scripted outgoing and adventurous personality.

So, bye-bye Performance Anxiety and sayonara bedroom niceties; welcome Maeve Millay and her fellow hosts who cater to the darkest desires of the theme parks guests in HBO series “Westworld”.

Humans are basically animals, and we let go of no opportunity to prove so. Artificial Intelligence will allow them to do so without breaking any of the social norms. A wife that cleans the house, cooks the meals, mows the lawn, never has a headache and loves anal and oral. A husband who cooks the breakfast, does the dishes, massages you in bathtub, does foreplay for 20 minutes and goes on till your nth orgasm. The never complain, always oblige pitch is too sweet to ignore.

Does that mean there will be no human sex? Will Celibacy Syndrome take over entire humanity? Or will reproduction be the only reason why two genders will engage each other?

This article was originally published in LinkedIn Pulse

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Ankur Gupta

Ankur has been an entrepreneur for 12 years in retail and software. A gypsy at heart, he is either reading or travelling in his free time. His latest interests are Blockchain and AI.