Over the past decade of my involvement in the Technology world, and now active involvement in transitioning towards the AI-first world, it is clear that the women in AI are talking a bit more important things than the men in AI are talking about. It's the aspect of "gender bias".

So, here is a list of latest quotes of a few of the most qualified women in AI:

Anima Anandkumar

Principal scientist @awscloud #AI, Bren Endowed Professor @Caltech, #MachineLearning #deeplearning #optimization #Tensors

Fei Fei Li

Prof (CS @Stanford), Director (Stanford AI Lab), Chief Scientist AI/ML (Google Cloud), CoFounder/Chair @ai4allorg, Researcher #AI #computervision #ML cogneuro

Daphne Koller

Professor of Computer Science at Stanford, Co-Founder of Coursera

Cynthia Breazel

Robot builder, Media Lab professor, Entrepreneur, Mother of Dragons

Marie desJardins

Professor, computer scientist, associate dean, competitive crossword puzzle solver, singer, reader, foodie, traveler, wife, sister, and mom

Suchi Saria

Prof @ Johns Hopkins University. Broadly curious. Research in #MachineLearning, #statistics, #AI, modeling electronic health record & policy affecting #EHR use

Alison B Lowndes

#Space + #AI loving carbon-based lifeform ♀ @NVIDIA+@nasa_fdl #deeplearning #AI DevRel, @petetong`s biggest fan, founder of http://AVIF.org.uk + Mum 2 R&B

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