AI product 'SpotIQ' gets $120 million

ThoughtSpot, co-founded by Ajeet Singh in 2012, raised $120 million to drive forward its new AI endeavour. The AI product is called SpotIQ, which helps generate dozens of analyzed data sets that are Search results based on thousands of questions asked by a computer, while making assumptions about what the user who wants to know based on the user's profile and certain search terms. Customers of ThoughtSpot include retailers and financial firms. ThoughtSpot has raised total $160 million, so far.

Scyfer, being acquired by Qualcomm

Qualcomm is acquiring a Netherlands-based machine learning startup Scyfer. Matt Grob, Qualcomm's executive VP, Technology, said in a statement - "We are researching broader topics, such as AI for wireless connectivity, power management and photography." Scyfer is a spin-off of the University of Amsterdam. Scyfer uses AI technologies to help companies in various industries – manufacturing, healthcare, finance. Oh yes, Scyfer helps the Indian company TATA Steel, to revolutionize the quality control of its steel plates!

SLL makes ‘emotions’ work for business

Wow! AI can now feel you. SLL (Silver Logic Labs), an AI startup that provides robust solutions for any industry in its use-cases where human emotions are involved. SLL is the first company in the entertainment industry to go beyond facial and emotional recognition. It helps its clients to understand the most engaging and profitable elements of: video content, dialogue, music, scene composition, acting performance, computer and physical games (toys), books, newsprint.

Sarita Verma

Sarita is a Physics major from BITS Pilani, working as an Analyst with an AI startup in Bangalore. Her last name is Hungry & first name Always. Creative writing is in her blood!